Imagine a Diabetic Free Life. Free from unnecessary stress on what you can or cannot indulge in, other related diseases that comes from Diabetes, the trouble of consuming too many modern medicines just to bring down your glucose level and also enduring the side effects that comes with it.

Free from stress of doing a daily check on your glucose level and being demoralised by the unsatisfactory result even after being extra careful with your sugar intake.

DiabeFix contains herbal agents which contains thymoquinone, thymohdroquinone and alkaloids which acts as a natural medicine for the human body. DiabeFix slows the absorption of sugar into the blood through the intestines. It also improves your body’s tolerance to glucose in general. DiabeFix also helps to fix the beta cells in the pancreas which helps your body to produce the right amounts of the insulin hormone. These agents also work to prevent / fix type 2 diabetes by increasing sensitivity in the liver. DiabeFix contains powerful antioxidants which helps to protect the cellular membranes of the internal organs.


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